Innovation, Respect, Team work, Pride, Pleasure


It is upon the return of a successful trip that took place in the 1990’s, that Mr. Jean-Guy Surprenant decided to invest in a new technology that would allow him to become a pioneer in the fabrication of thermofoil doors in North America. Always looking for innovations, year after year he would develop new products, allowing Thermovision to become a dedicated leader, specialized in the production of doors, accessories and components of high end furniture.

Always looking for key elements to build the best team there is, solid and dynamic, he was then joined by Mrs. Paule Gagnon, the executive director. In 1997, they created a new enterprise, named Thermovision, Mrs. Gagnon played a lead role in the success and growth of the company.

In the year 2000, Mr. Jean-Guy Surprenant asked his daughter Annick to join the team as chief engineer. A passionate visionary, she made numerous efforts so that Thermovision would remain an innovative company on the cutting edge of technology.

It is after the well deserved retirement of Jean-Guy Surprenant in 2010 that Annick Surprenant, now president and executive director and Paule Gagnon vice-president of finances, then became combined shareholders of the company.  It was by having their expertise and particular attention to detail that they were able to fulfill customer’s needs making Thermovision a model of INNOVATION and respect where team work, pride and pleasure are combined.